St Andrew’s is a thriving, open and welcoming church community for all ages. Together we worship God, share God’s good news, grow in faith, and endeavour to live and work in accordance with God’s will.

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As I looked, thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took his seat.
Daniel 7.9

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Churchyard planting

The churchyard group have been busy planting bulbs for next Spring. We look forward to bright daffodils and narcissi next year…


Sign up for the Week of Accompanied Prayer

St Laurence’s Church invites you to a Week of Accompanied Prayer Do you find yourself wanting a deeper personal relationship with God? Do you sometimes find it difficult to pray? Would you like to know about different ways of praying? Do you ever find yourself wondering about the connection between faith and life? Who it […]


Music and worship survey

We’re keen to know what you think about the range of services at St Andrew’s, our musical content, the role of the choirs and our inclusion of children and young people. Please fill out our survey and let us know what you think!


Room at the inn?

Charity HOST is seeking friendly people who could volunteer to offer an invitation to adult international students for a day, weekend, or four days at Christmas. Learn about other cultures, welcome a guest far from home, and make the world a little friendlier! To be put in touch with your local organiser, visit www.hostuk.org or […]


People Fully Alive: Ely 2025

A strategy for growth in the Diocese of Ely The Diocese of Ely is about to formally launch a new strategy, unambiguously aimed at transformation and growth. This strategy has arisen out of Bishop Stephen’s call to imagine our future and from the development over the last few years of a diocesan vision and set […]

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