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The long & winding road: Lent 2010

The film Billy Elliot will be helping us at St Andrew’s to think about the theme of vocation. This year’s Lent course will use extracts from the film together with reflections on the Bible, discussion, prayer and a weekly journal. The title of the course is Life calling:seeking direction along the long and winding road. Groups will be held on Tuesday mornings,…

Does God Exist?

Yes? No? Probably? Why not do the Alpha course at St Andrew’s? Are you interested in exploring the Christian faith? Do you have a faith already, but fancy a ‘spiritual MOT’? Have you already done an Alpha course, but want to come back for a refresher? Can you think of someone to invite to the course? Where: St Andrew’s HallWhen: Wednesdays, starting…

Mission and Giving Update

The July report [pdf] from the Mission and Giving group is now up, together with a report on Wintercomfort. Both of these documents can be found on the Mission and Giving page, along with more details of the projects we’re supporting.

Follow up to Darwin evening

The St Andrew’s book group will be discussing “Darwin and God” on 22nd September 2009 from 8pm. The book explores how Darwin’s faith changed with his scientific thinking and as he battled with suffering. It also gives an insight into his search for Truth. For details contact Mick Lumsden:

Did Darwin Kill God? (Wed 8th July, 8pm)

You’re invited to an open meeting to consider some of the key questions arising out of Darwin’s thinking. The event will take place in St Andrew’s Hall on Wednesday, 8th July at 8pm. Must we choose between faith and evolution? Why is Darwin’s theory generally accepted by scientists? What about Adam and Eve and Genesis? What impact does the theory have on…